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Google Certified Best Dedicated SEO Specialist in India

Hey guys, I’m Ravinder Singh, i have worked as a digital marketing specialist for different industries with more than 5+ years of experience. I have worked with 115+ clients worldwide, helping hundreds of companies, startups, and business firms increase their online brand presence.

I am running a Digital Marketing Agency – DigiWoD. My core expertise is search engine optimization(SEO Specialist ) and PPC, SMM Social media marketing , YouTube SEO, App Store Optimization (ASO): developing brands strategy for startups and businesses.

I specialize in digital marketing and SEO, and I’m a Google-certified specialist.

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Why DigiWoD for SEO?

A Few Highlights of My Work Experience:

  • We are the Best Digital Marketing Agency  in Badarpur Border, New Delhi, Providing Digital Marketing Services in India & Abroad.
  • I’m a Google, India-certified accomplice. Confirmed by Hubspot Academy, the USA in Inbound Marketing.
  • Skill in the knowledge of positioning elements and web search tool algorithms and top to bottom involvement in google Analytics, google search Console, web-based showcasing methodologies, keyword research.
  • I have worked for a few notable brands in the USA, UK, Canada, and India.
Our Work Process

How does our organic search marketing agency work?

01 . Establish Goals

We start our every project by setting objectives and goals as per your business requirements.

02 . Analytics

We'll conduct a detailed analysis and let you know what your website requires.

03 . Data-Driven Optimizations

We plan with accurate campaigns with detailed data.

04 . Achieve Your Goals

Sit back Relax and breathe! And trust us to organically transform your business.

Problem Solving

We collaborate as a team to find the best and latest solutions to all of your Marketing problems with digital marketing.

06 . give us review

if you like our services we will be inspired by one of your review give us fedback

Best Freelance SEO Specialist in India
SEO specialist or Freelance SEO specialist

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Best Freelance SEO Specialist in India

We are Best at SEO, PPC, Content Writing, SMM. App Store Optimization (ASO):
YouTube SEO Contact us for guaranteed results. 

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Best Digital Marketing Agency in Badarpur Border, New Delhi

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free website technical audit report?

Yes, we provide free website technical audit report. Just send an email with your website URL to ravindersinghseoexpert@gmail.com

Why are SEO & Digital Marketing Important to Businesses?

Did you know that over 840 million Indians are internet users More than 60% of these are mobile users.

In the next few years, there will be more internet users.
How many do you know?
It will be in the billions. Imagine what these internet users are doing.
They make new friends and learn new things.

If your business falls into one of these areas, such as health, law or education, engineering, construction and dating, then digital advertising is something you need to seriously consider.Digital marketing is different than traditional marketing. This is how you market your business via digital platforms such as mobile, tablets, and computers.

Traditional marketing involves investing thousands in flyers, pamphlets, and banners. They are often ignored and tossed in the trash bin. Sometimes, they are tempered by people. Through digital marketing, the best way to promote your business  with us

What other services do you provide instead of SEO?

We provide PPC services for Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads.SMM, youtube SEO App Store Optimization (ASO): Marketing,Content Marketing,websites Desiging

How much time required to get top ranking on Google?

This is according to your website's niche, domain age, search engine competitiveness, and many other factors. The minimum time required for a new website to get top ranking is 6 months to 1 year.
It takes 3 to 6 months for an established or older website. Call or send a WhatsApp message to +91-8920855721 for further details.

How can you prove that you will give me the best results in SEO?

You can check our client’s testimony. You can request for a previous client’s results to ravindersinghseoexpert@gmail.com Every new client success is our high priority. we deliver the greatest results as as quickly as possible using SEO best practises,

Does an SEO EXPERT give a guarantee of seo ranking?

Guarantee of  SEO agencies and SEO specialists cannot guarantee SEO rankings. We keep our processes transparent with our clients, which helps them and builds trust. We will achieve the desired SEO rankings according to your requirements.

Pricing Table

Our Pricing Plans

Best Freelance SEO Specialist in India


SEO Basic

Rs. 10000/- @ ₹4999/-
Up to 5 Keywords

Best Freelance SEO Specialist in India


SEO Advance

Rs. 20000/- @ ₹9999/-
Up to 10 Keywords

Best Freelance SEO Specialist in India


SEO Custom

Rs. 40000/- @ ₹19999/-
Up to 20 Keywords

Best Freelance SEO Specialist in India


PPC Package

Rs. 44000/- @ ₹21999/-
Rs. 15000/- Ad Credit included


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